Friday, November 12, 2010


Annyeong haseyo my fellow princesses!!

Nal ddara haebwayo Nal ddara haebwayo Nal ddara haebwayo Ireoke
Nal ddara haebwayo Nal ddara haebwayo Nal ddara haebwayo Ireoke

Who know what song this is?? If you’re a kpop lover and at the same time an etude house addict like me you’ll sure know that this song is FOLLOW ME by 2ne1

I started off with a part of the song because as we all know 2ne1 is now the new faces of Etude house, together with Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye. I’m going to make a review on one of the product this girl group is endorsing, the FOLLOW ME TINT SPF 13 :D I know that the 2NE1 collection focuses with the eye make-up but this product is just so darn amazing!!! and I want everyone to know about it. The description says “Follow 2NE1 lip styles with edgy and unpredictable color” just like how cool, edgy, fun and unpredictable 2NE1 show case to us their talents.

At first look you might be surprise “Why is this blue?”(that’s what I said when I first saw it hehehe), but don’t worry because this product works in wonder.

On my hand

First I tested it on my hand and Whoa!  It turned pink!. :P

Love the color on my lips
 It got me really excited so I applied it on my lips and Tada!!! It gave me these natural looking pink lips. Not only does this product makes your lip pink but the Follow Me tint also moisturizes and protects your lips from the sun, with its spf 13, giving you a soft, healthy and naturally looking pink lips which stays on you for hours :D. This product can also be use as a cheek tint/blush. Me and my sisters also use this on our cheeks and it gives us this natural cute rosy cheeks, also it doesn’t irritate our skin

So if you want long lasting natural looking pink lips and cheeks, then worry no more because the Follow Me tint SPF 13 is what you’re looking for!!!. Another great product from Etude House which you all will surely love <3

Me and my sister wearing Follow Me Tint
My sister with follow me tint on cheeks and lips

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hello to the blogger world!

Hello everyone!! my name is em-em...

i'm very new here in the world of blogging, .this year i just started to have a habit of reading blogs about anything, but mostly about the Korean cosmetics, i just became an addict! hehehe, and i just got fascinated on how natural these writers write and share their thoughts..

actually i really don't have the gift of writing ( i just realized sad) but it didn't stop me because i wanted to learn and improve and to also share my thoughts to others, these are the reasons why i started to make this blog.. 

i hope that you guys would appreciate and like whatever i am going to share and i also hopee that you'll support me through this :D...THANK YOU in advance...<3<3<3 

Etude House: AC Clinic Red Spot Balm

One thing I really hate is having acne (well who does right??) because not only does it hurt and doesn’t look good, but also after the acnes have healed it leaves these unwanted dark marks, which for me is another worse thing because it stays on your face longer and for it to be covered you have to put on lots of makeup which I don’t do because I don’t wear make-up, just powder. Recently I had a very stressful week and acnes just started bursting out from nowhere (PIMPLE OUTBREAK!!), my acnes easily healed but these acne marks just wouldn’t leave me too. Since I was an etude house addict I saw their skin care collection which focuses on acne problems the AC CLINIC so when I asked their staff what can I use for my acne marks she recommended me with AC CLINIC Red Spot Balm.

Ingredients: Formulated with Madecassoside (skin healing agent), Salicylic Acid & Hinoki Cypress extracts, AC Clinic Red Spot Balm heals, clarifies and soothes facial trouble spots. Specialized target treatment heals and brightens blemishes with a medicated formula.

Since this product claims to help heal and soothes these blemishes, I bought it. I am very happy because this product didn’t disappointed me,  after using it for a few days I really saw how my acne marks were becoming lighter HOORAY!!..after about 2 weeks of usage the acne marks on my face really disappeared.

The Red Spot Balm comes in a small jar with a spatula and a small version of their AC Clinic Foam Cleanser, which I also used together with the red spot balm, which never gave me any outbreak. I recommend this product not only for women, but also for men who are troubling with acne and acne marks. Etude house never disappoints me because they really provide top quality skin cares/ cosmetics in an affordable price :P